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Holy Caviar!

If the world seems to have morphed into a neo-noir thriller over the past 18 months, comic book culture is imitating life and vica versa in London…  A glut of fully immersive, counter culture-inspired destinations are springing up based on the most iconically subversive characters, from a multi venue Gotham City inspired Soho dining lair to a sprawling, subterranean Judge Dredd-themed escape game, superhero cocktail classes and everybody’s favourite 1930s delinquent schoolboy revisited in a Restoration-era former palace …

Dining on caviar in the Art Deco digs of the Wayne family butler, grazing on Poison Ivy as you flirt with the multi sensory molecular tasting menu of the Monarch Theatre, drinking in live acts over coupes of Champagne in the Iceberg Lounge or clinking molecular cocktails into the early hours in the underworldly Rogue’s Gallery surrounded by Batman’s most nefarious adversaries might just be the most memorable night of your life for all the right or wrong reasons – only the opening this week will tell, but my curiosity’s just a teensy bit piqued by the new Soho, Warner Brothers-endorsed gastronomic destination Park Row.

Good news for those who don’t just want to be inside the action, but to be the action. Work has begun on converting the underbelly of the Stable’s Market in Camden into a dystopian vision of London in 2099, featuring a futuristic Piccadilly Circus and actors playing villains and robots for Judge Dredd Uprising. This two and a half hour experience by the creators of the wildly successful The Crystal Maze promises to be the largest and most ambitious escape game when it launches soon.

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Dennis and Gnasher take centre stage at Somerset House this autumn with a much-anticipated Beano retrospective featuring contemporary artist’s takes on Britain’s longest-running comic. Fully interactive, totally iconic and bringing oodles of joy, tickets are booking now, so get yours fast, or else!

If you need a stuff drink after any of the above stop by the new pop up Superheroes Bar in Hoxton where you’ll be given a cape and mask to begin training as the world’s most superlative superhero by devising cocktails using crystals, ultraviolet lights, fire and ice based on your chosen character …


Not had enough of saving the world? Comic Con is back this November…

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